What ages of children do you accept?

Little Me Daycare and Nursery provides a safe, nurturing, and educational environment for children 3 months to 5 years of age.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm for infants and 8am to 12.30pm for ages one to five years. We also provide after-school care and clubs for children.

Are you open during holidays?

We are closed during the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Day
  • Worker’s Day
  • Democracy Day
  • Independence Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day
  • Muslim Holidays

How are fees paid at Little Me Daycare and Nursery?

Infant fees are paid quarterly while toddler & preschool fees are paid termly.

What are some of Little Me Daycare and Nursery Facility Safety Features?

Little Me Daycare and Nursery #1 priority is the safety of children in our care including monthly fire drills and safety procedures.

My child cries when I drop him in the morning- what is the best thing for me to do?

It might be difficult for you when your child is distressed at drop off but we find that they settle in very quickly and happily when their parent has left. It is best to keep your good-bye as brief as you feel comfortable with and remain as positive. Please discuss any concerns you have with your child’s teacher.

What is the attendance policy when my child is ill?

We want your child to be healthy while at Little Me Daycare and Nursery.

To ensure he/she stays healthy, we require that children do not attend school until they are fever-free for 24-hours – this helps keep your child and their classmates healthy.

Does Little Me Daycare and Nursery provide a preschool program?

Yes, for children ages two to five years. We supplement our rich curriculum with tons of enriching activities ranging from art and craft projects to games, songs, finger plays, storytelling, creative dramatics, exercises, science, shapes, numbers, colors, alphabet, and much more through various monthly themes.

Sometimes my work meetings run over time – what is the process if I am running late?

We understand that these things can happen and try to accommodate for such instances. Contact the office as soon as possible if you will be late. There is a charge for being late, this fee is stipulated in the terms and conditions.

Do you discipline the children at Little Me Daycare and Nursery, if so how?

Yes, but appropriately. We believe that the discipline of a child is achieved through patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement. We also try and teach the children in our care manners, kindness and to be respectful to others. One of the ways in which we do this is by the example we set. We understand that our actions and reactions speak much louder than our words.

The children are explained to the rules of the daycare frequently, so they know what’s expected of them. Once a child is old enough to understand the rules and disobeys them by exhibiting inappropriate behavior (hitting, aggression, etc), hurts others, or property, the following developmentally appropriate guidance techniques will be used. These techniques are as follows:

  • Positive Reinforcement: The child will be encouraged when he or she is demonstrating acceptable behavior.
  • Redirection: The child is redirected to another activity and given an opportunity to try again at another time.
  • Time-Out: The child is separated from the group for an age appropriate amount of time (one minute per one year of age). This technique is only used when a child repeatedly will not follow our directions or listen to our words, is exhibiting temper tantrum type behavior, or hurting one’s self, others or equipment. When the child shows that he or she is ready to demonstrate acceptable behavior, they are encouraged to join the rest of the group to try again.
  • Last Resort: When a child’s behavior is continually upsetting or dangerous to others, a conference will be called with the parents. If the problems cannot be resolved, arrangements will have to be made for the child to go elsewhere for care.

How often do you clean the rooms and toys?

All our rooms have cleaning schedules for different areas of the classroom throughout the day/week. If a teacher sees a child cough, sneeze or put a toy in their mouth the toy goes directly into the sink in the classroom to be cleaned and sanitized. The infant room is cleaned twice a day, and the changing tables and bathrooms are disinfected after each diaper change.

What security measures are in place to protect my child?

Your child’s safety and your peace of mind are of the utmost concern at Little Me Daycare & Nursery. Our facility is properly fenced with security in place. All visitors must be registered to gain access into our facility.

Is there a waiting list that I can place my child on?

Yes there is but being placed on a wait list does not ensure a space, but does place clients in order of priority. It is advisable for parents to keep in touch with us.

How many pupils are there in each class?

There is a maximum of 10 children in a class.

Which curriculum does the school follow?

We use a rich blend of the British EYFS and the Nigerian Curriculum.

What age can I enrol my child at your school?

Our programme currently starts at 3months to 5 years as at September 1st.

Can we enrol during the year?

Yes, you can enrol your child at any time during the school year, providing there is a place available.

What language do the children speak at school?

Children are encouraged to speak English at all other times. French is also taught.

Any More Questions?

Feel free to contact us directly